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Concrete and Pave Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Green Glove a call. Rather than just attacking the area with a high pressure sprayer, which will eventually get the job done, but uses unnecessary excess water to complete the task, the first step I do is to apply a non toxic, environmentally friendly solution to the area and give it 10 to 15 minutes to soak into the built up soiling. Next the entire area is thoroughly scrubbed with a high speed rotary scrubbing brush that will dislodge all of the grime from the surface. The final step is to introduce a specially designed hybrid tool attached to my powerful truck mounted cleaning unit that applies super heated water to the surface, working loose any remaining stubborn soiling, and simultaneously extracts all of the waste water via the high powered vacuum, leaving the treated area instantly clean and safe. For this type of work this is no set price, as my pricing is calculated by the square meter, so

Concrete and Pave Cleaning
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